Industrial automation service

Industrial automation


  • Industrial machinery's controls software (PLC and based PC Linux distribution with Xenomai extensions), axis motion control software (CNC)
  • Electrical scheme development
  • Industrial automation and axis motion control related matters, such as closed loop speed or position feedback control, variable speed motors' driver (asynchronous and synchronous ones), sensor devices.
  • HMI software development for Windows and Linux platforms, OMRON HostLink, MODBUS RTU and fieldbus communication protocols
  • Axis motion control issues , such as closed loop controls, variable speed inverters for brushless and asynchronous ones

Success stories

Machine controls' software for the whole range of marble and granite processing machinery (polishing machines, gangsaw, milling machines, block cutters etc)

Various plant monitoring software:

  • Serial or socket connection (Host PC to controller)
  • Production data acquisition
  • Statistical data analysis

Various HMI (Human Machine Interface) software, tailored to the specific machine requirements

  • Serial or socket connection (Host PC to controller)
  • Controller variable setting
  • Machine graphical representation for status monitoring and control

Custom machine software control with softPLC requirements:

  • Embedded PC based control software written in C++ on Linux based system with Xenomai realtime extension
  • Char driver for Linux with Xenomai extension for access to custom PCI board
  • Graphical HMI software written in C++ with wxWidgets graphical library