Software service



  • Custom software development for Win32 and Linux (Qt , wxWidgets) and Microsoft .NET/ Mono (C#).
  • Custom multi platform software development for Win32/Unix/Linux/Mac (WxWidgets, Qt, Java).
  • Client / Server ASP.NET applications (intranet/extranet applications, XML Web Services, .NET Remoting).
  • Windows Server network administration.
  • Linux Server administration (Ubuntu, Centos).
  • MS-SQL Server. MySQL database server.
  • Soft realtime application with Xenomai realtime Linux extensions
  • Char driver for Linux with Xenomai realtime extensions too

Success stories

Developed with VC++ 6.0 for Win32

  • Redundant bar code acquisition
  • Bar code validity check (code number progression, missing code, etc)
  • Bar code database storage
  • Logger activity report
  • Label printing

Tool for cut patterns optimization (Developed with C# for the HMI side and MC++ for genetic algorithms )

  • Cut patterns storage handling
  • Target slab image acquisition (with non regular shape and internal defects, eg. holes )
  • Simple graphical CAD for manual cut pattern definition
  • Automatic pattern optimization (genetic algorithm for cut pattern placement in order to minimize material waste and execution time), check for cut pattern validity (manually or automatically generated), according to machinery mechanical constraints
  • Serial link for cut patterns' upload to the CNC for cut execution

Set of client and server applications based upon Microsoft technology (Windows 2003 Server and MS SQL Server, NET Framework)

  • Web-based application for order handling, production data statistics, production workflow etc. (written for Windows 2003 Server with ASP.NET)
  • Many client software client to handle each process step: each client show to the operator only the informations he needs to get the job done. (Clients are mainly written in C#)
  • Industrial machinery HMI software (writtens in VC++ and C#) able to query SQL server database and automatically work the material

Multi platform software Win32 and Sun Solaris written in C++ using WxWidgets libraries.

RAD environment for rapid design of HMI pages for industrial monitors ( written in VC++ with ActiveX components)

  • ActiveX controls' library generation
  • Multiproject workspace
  • Environment variables definition: local and remote (i.e. CNC) variables, font, languages, commands, macros, information messages, recipes etc.
  • Graphical page generation, thanks to the avaliable controls set (buttons, sliders, gauges, graphical trends , etc) and to the defined environment variables
  • Binary compilation of the project.
  • Upload to remote device (Display)

Software for interface and handling of the SACCADE device (written in C# for Microsoft.NET):

  • Patient anagraphic database
  • Audio/video stimulation sequence generation
  • Serial link to the device for audio / video sequence upload and sampled signal download.
  • Real time graphical view of the sampled signal related to the audio / video sequence.

Software for handling electrostimulator device ( written in C# for Microsoft.NET).

  • Patient anagraphic database
  • Stimulation and acquisition protocols database
  • Protocols definition and simulation (legacy interpreted protocol language),
  • Serial link to the device.
  • Device monitoring and control.

Communication library for .NET Framework environment : the user library can skip protocols implementation details, just define sets of variable mapped to physical remote device and the will be automatically refreshed and kept in synch.

  • Serial and socket support
  • Supported protocols are: OMRON HL, MODBUS RTU, ROBOX BCC.
  • Variable access type are: read, write, read/write, and variable dta type are: BYTE, WORD, DWORD
  • Automatic variable refresh (for read access variables) and write (for write access variables)