Electronic service



  • Schematic capture and PCB layout
  • Design and dimensioning of digital devices (complying with En60601 too).
  • Microcontrollers: Microchip PIC, Hitachi H8300/ H8S, Cypress PSoC, Motorola. Atmel.
  • Programmable logics devices: PLD, GAL.
  • Other digital devices: Flash EPROM (AMD), EEPROM, ADC, DAC, digital potentiometers, graphical controllers SED1355, alphanumeric displays.
  • Soft realtime application with Xenomai realtime Linux extensions

Success stories

Multi purpose uController (uPLC) key features:

  • uP CypressMicro PsoC
  • 12 VDC power supply
  • 12 optically isolated digital inputs (4 interruptable)
  • 8 optically isolated digital outputs
  • 2 serial communication device (RS232/RS485)
  • Non volatile SRAM
  • Alphanumeric LCD display
  • Expansion bus

Digital device for ionophoresys applications.

  • uP CypressMicro PsoC
  • 12 VDC power supply
  • 1 voltage regulated channel and 1 current regulated channel
  • Alphanumeric LCD display
  • Galvanic and pulsed generator

Full featured electro stimulator and biofeedback device equipped with 4 channel + auxiliary channel, complying with En60601. Key features are:

  • Digital board :
    • Hitachi H8S2633 microcontroller
    • 12 VDC power supply
    • ADC and DAC 12 bit converter
    • AMD Flash memory
    • External SRAM and NVRAM (Non volatile RAM)
    • Graphical 320x240 dots display (SED1355) with resistive touch screen
    • Battery charge circuitry (NiCd)
    • Optically isolated RS232 connection
    • Expansion bus for electro stimulation channels
  • Analog front-end board :
    • Electro stimulation signal amplifier
    • Voltage or current feedback regulation
    • Overcurrent and electrode detach detection circuitry
    • Electro-miographic signal conditioning and filtering
    • 4 stimulation channel (120 mA, 120V) and biofeedback
    • 4 auxiliar channels (for sensors acquisition)
  • Digital board firmware:
    • 2 stimulation waveform generation through DMA channels ( 1 MS/s max)
    • Electro-miographic signal sampling and conditioning: LP, notch (50 hz) software filtering and envelope
    • Protocols runtime handler
    • Runtime connection to Host PC
    • 320x240 graphical display handler with touch screen
    • Electro-miographic sampled signal graphical view

Saccade experimental device for acoustic (37 speakers) and optical (37 LEDs) stimuli generation, according to a programmed sequence, and acquisition of signals from external sensors (4 channels @ 500 S/s)

  • H8S2633 microcontroller
  • 12VDC power supply
  • 2 comunication devices, RS232/ RS485 (@115200 bps)
  • Front-end circuitry for 37 speakers (independently selectable) and 37 LEDs (independently selectable)
  • 1 MB external SRAM

Basic filesystem implementation for AMD Flash : just one folder for file storage

  • Basic file commands: list, rename, delete, creation
  • Basic folder commands: formatting

Set of graphical API for SED1335 and basic window system with touch screen handling

  • APIs for: controller initialization, points, lines and bitmap drawing
  • Basic widget: buttons, images, numeric up/down, gauges, labels. For each widget you can assign a variable (storing actual value), or event handlers (press, release etc)
  • Virtual alphanumeric keyboard for touch screen
  • Resizable monospace charset (8x8, 8x16, 16x16)
  • Page definitions hard coded into static arrays: performs static positioning and customization of the widgets

Set of communication libraries for the following protocols


Serial communication protocol tailored to limited resources' microcontrollers. The protocol consists of a fixed length header and a variable length body: this structure make is simpler to develop onto memory constraint microcontrollers. The following commands have been implemented

  • MEM8, MEM16 ( 8 and 16 memory bits) read and write
  • Complex command execution: eg. files download and upload